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About Us

Welcome to 1000 Treks

We’re a community of travel lovers united by a passion for adventure.

We aren’t your ordinary travel company! We are a unique, boutique, family-owned and operated business. Our itineraries are thoroughly curated to include the best of a location and provide you the ultimate experience at your destination. We build your entire itinerary out and make it inclusive of most activities, tours, and culinary experiences, whichever make sense for the destination. This is unlike most agencies in our field. With us, you won’t be nickel-and-dimed once there, and we’ve thought it all out for you so you don’t have to plan for a tour you’re already paying for. Not to worry, we also give you enough space and time to explore and the ability to opt in or out of anything, anytime. There are no companies like us and no tours like the ones we do. We can’t wait for you to join our special community, give back with us around the world, and build a life of adventure together!

Because we realize how powerful it is to share our traveling experiences alongside like-minded people, we started 1000 Treks to introduce you to a group of friends and traveling companions who can share unforgettably amazing experiences with one another, and together see the world, expand their vision, and elevate their lives.

We don't believe in simply existing, we believe in living! If you ever dreamed it, we are here to do it!

The 1000 Treks Experience

Our mission is to bring people from all walks of life together, creating a community of travelers who endeavor to live life to the fullest and fill it with adventure. We exist to help people conquer their fears and realize their dreams by means of seeing this beautiful planet, its beautiful places – both man-made and nature-born – and experiencing the great diversity of people and many ways of living. We craft the most incredible trips, with the most amazing and inclusive itineraries, giving people once-in-a-lifetime experiences and everlasting memories. We stop at nothing and do it all, so that our travelers members may not only exist but actually live.

1000 Treks organizes travel groups of 10 to 20 people to see some of the most incredible places in the world. Come on your own, with friends, or with your partner. Our aim is to make sure that every group finishes their trip feeling like they’ve known each other for years. Many lifetime friendships (and relationships!) have started on our trips, and we often get together after we come back. We’re more than a travel group – we are your lifetime travel friends!

Our itineraries are unique, interactive, and absolutely unmatched. We spare no effort to give you a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Don’t just plan on the standard hike up the Inca Trail and visit to Machu Picchu in Peru; rather, envision yourself climbing a Via Ferrata to get to your stay at the Skylodge, a hotel in which your room is a glass capsule on the side of a cliff, and then ziplining back down. Don’t just see yourself going to Victoria Falls in Africa; also visualize jumping into Devil’s Pool – a natural rock swimming pool on a ledge next to Victoria Falls, offering extreme and dramatic panoramic views – and then hiking to swim under the Falls, only to also go on a walking safari to see rhinos as close as 10 feet away!

Lots of trip organizers charge solo travelers a supplemental fee. You won’t pay extra with 1000 Treks. We pair two solo travelers of the same gender so that they can share rooms, make friends, and not worry about paying extra just for choosing to travel alone. Of course, we always offer single supplements for people who want their own rooms; but, unlike other companies, we leave that choice to you.

If you book a trip, you’re going. Guaranteed. Most companies sign people up for trips, and then cancel the trip if it doesn’t meet a minimum number of attendees. At 1000 Treks we will never cancel a trip due to low attendance. If you sign up, start planning because we’re going!

1000 Treks believes in providing great value, but we aren’t a “budget" travel company. Our trekkers enjoy quality amenities throughout the trip while traveling in safety and comfort. You’ll be able to see exactly where your money is going the entire time and appreciate the higher standard we provide.

Please see our FAQ page for a full list of frequently asked questions

Group Leaders

As a personal trainer, experienced skydiver and wingsuit pilot, Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certified master scuba diver, rock climber and an outdoorsman highly trained in survival, Brazilian born Eduardo has been an adventurer his whole life.

Eduardo has led groups on all sorts of adventurous experiences from whitewater rafting and local camping trips to scuba diving with great white sharks and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. For Mt. Kilimanjaro, he personally trained 25 people who successfully reached the summit. Eduardo’s trips tend to be more adventurous and might take you off-the-beaten-path and a little beyond your current “adventure zone”.

With Eduardo, you’ll relax on the beaches of Costa Rica but also go whitewater rafting and climb a volcano; you’ll see the Great Wall of China but also hike Mt. Huashan, the scariest hike in the world; you’ll see Machu Picchu in Peru but also stay at the Skylodge, where your room is a glass capsule hanging on the side of a cliff.

Whether you’re an avid adventurer or a beginner who wants to have amazing experiences but are unsure where to safely begin, you’ll love Eduardo’s trips.

You will have the time of your life, meet lifelong friends and come back bragging about the adventurous things you did on your last trip.

Leigh is partnered with the company's Founder, Eduardo, both in business and love! Together they are growing 1000 Treks, pouring their hearts and souls into the creation of a never before seen scene of travel lovers bonding over exploration, adventure, and expansion. 

1000 Treks marries Leigh’s passions - travel, nature, personal growth, and experiences with our fellow humans. You will surely meet her along the way. 

You might know her as one of the greatest martial art competitors and action stars in the world. Cynthia is a five time martial art champion, taking first place in competition over 150 times, undefeated. She was the first woman on a national karate magazine and inducted into the prestigious Black Belt Hall of Fame and International Sports Hall of Fame by Arnold Schwarzenegger. She has starred in over sixty action movies.

What you might not know about Cynthia is that she is an avid traveler and extreme adventurer. Her love for adventure and passion for travel have taken her to Mount Everest Base Camp, W Trek Patagonia, Mt. Fuji, Inca Trail, Antarctica, Belize, Africa, Israel, Morocco, and various other unique locations around the globe. That passion has led her to become a leader on 1000 treks, and now she is set to lead you on unforgettable lifetime adventures.

Whether you’re a novice traveler or an advanced adventurer, Cynthia’s trips will take you on journeys that are both exciting and enchanting. When you join her trips you will challenge yourself to have the best experience imaginable, all in a safe yet thrilling environment. Many of her friends and followers have lived vicariously through her adventures. And now you can go beyond your wildest Indiana Jones dreams and experience the thirst she has for knowledge, adventure, culture and just plain fun. And if you’re up for it, you might just learn some pretty handy self defense moves throughout the trip.

Cynthia looks forward to meeting you and sharing unforgettable lifetime memories.

While growing up in a tiny town on Cape Cod, Karen Jane (KJ to friends) always felt like she was missing out on all the culture and adventure the world had to offer, so as soon as she graduated high school, she took off. It’s been hard for her to stay in one place ever since.

To date she has traveled to 37 countries and 47 US States, chasing unique experiences. Favorites include motorcycling to Machu Picchu, scuba diving in Hawaii, surfing in Indonesia, snowboarding in Colorado, rock climbing in Thailand, riding trains across Europe and India, teaching in Nepal, and building water structures in Brazil. Her ideal trip incorporates volunteer work, physical adventures, and all the local food and traditions. She’ll try just about anything, loves a challenge, and greatly values experience over things. Despite her affinity for physical activity, nothing beats seating with a great group of people in front of a campfire after a day of hiking

In her former life, KJ was a high school English teacher, but has been teaching yoga, fitness, and running in NYC for the past ten years. She’s passionate about sports recovery in an effort to stay wildly active until her days run out. Being a leader is in her blood and she can’t wait to guide once-in-a-lifetime trips in 2021 with 1000 Treks!

Still on her travel bucket list are Africa (everywhere), Bhutan, and French Polynesia. For now she’s living in LA and obsessed with trail running.

Chris has had a love of the outdoors and adventure for as long as he can remember. His earliest recollections involve spending his summers living in his parent’s handmade tepee in remote Northern Canadian locations. Camping, canoeing, and kayaking were daily activities. Later, skiing and mountain biking and other activities, such as martial arts, Ultimate (frisbee), hiking, climbing, and now, diving also joined the list of sought out pursuits. Along the way, a love of other cultures also blossomed.

Chris lived in China with a local family, attended a year of university there and spent his summers, while an undergrad, in Japan working as a bartender to pay for school: Kumpai! After graduating, he started a company that had international trade ties with Asia. Chris then went to Thunderbird to get his MBA in international business.

A long time traveler, Chris looks forward to welcoming you into the 1000 Trek family and a world of amazing adventures. Whether an experienced adventurer or a novice, his aim is to ensure that you’ll be welcome, have incredible experiences, and view the world in a new way!

Born in South Africa of Chinese parents, immigrating to Canada when she was young and settling down with her family in California, Bianca’s life has been as interesting and rich as she is as a person. There is never a dull moment when you are hanging out with this outgoing, intrepid, courageous, sociable, and hungry-for-life young lady!

Bianca has always had an eye for Photography, which led her passion to travel! Her first realization about how adventurous and independent she is came on her 16 days solo trip to New Zealand where she designed her own itinerary, drove by herself and experienced thrills skydiving, scuba diving, cave tubing and ziplining.

Today Bianca is an avid traveler, an Advanced Certified Scuba Diver and an amazing photographer. She is also very organized and an excellent planner. Bianca’s trips will always include a bit of culture, adventure and relaxation. She also likes to immerse herself in culture, try all types of foods and get a feel of how the natives and locals live. She likes the best of both worlds and puts together trips that are fun beyond belief!

Keep an eye out for her trips to Iceland, Kenya safari, Morocco, Asia and the Nordic countries to see the Northern Lights.

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