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Let’s Discover A World Of Fun And Adventure Together 

Eager Traveller, 

Is it that time once again? 

Where the world is calling you … 

Telling you that the adventure you have been longing for is just over the horizon. 

All you need to do is -- grab your passport and pack your bags.

And let 1000 Treks take care of the rest. 

Let us plan your next adventure, which will result in memories that last a lifetime. 


1000 Treks is a group travel company, it was founded by Eduardo Dias in 2013. 

The mission is simple: 

To provide travel opportunities for people that crave adventure, excitement, and friendship. 

Our company is unique in that it takes the best parts of your traditional booking agency. 

But adds a ton of adventure and excitement into the experience. 

Let me tell you about some of the unique benefits of 1000 Treks: 


1000% Committed To The Experience 

We get it … you are saying to yourself, “Yeah, so is every other agency out there!” 

Here is the difference.

We do not just create outstanding itineraries and send you on your way... 

Instead, we travel with the group as well. 

We eat with you, share stories and take part in the adventures too! 

We would be your tour leaders and friends throughout your travels.

When you travel with 1000 Treks, we commit to creating the best experience for you. 


A Bit of Tourism, Endless Adventure 

Our trips include the best tourist and sightseeing one would expect to see. 

What makes us different than other agencies? 

Is that we look for unique locations and experiences that are off the beaten path. 

For example: 

Our latest trip to China included sightseeing in Beijing and a visit to the Summer Palace. 

However, we stepped it up a notch and took our group to Jinshanling. 

It is the most scenic location of the Great Wall, but less crowded. 

As far as we know, there aren't any agencies that do this for their travelers. 

But that's not all... 

We also visited the Rainbow Mountains, Avatar Mountains and... 

Mount Huashan, which is the scariest hike in the world! 

Our trips are so jam-packed, even the locals can't believe how much we fit in! 


Friendships That Last a Lifetime 

With 1000 Treks, you will get the chance to be with an amazing group, filled with fun and adventurous people.

People, who have traveled with us, have formed lasting friendships. 

And even romantic relationships! That's right; we even have people who have gotten married with the person they met in our trips. And they still travel with us... 

How is this possible? 

Our travelers are free-spirited, passionate about travel and excited to be alive! 

Whether you travel alone or with someone you know, 

You will create lasting friendships and likely start planning your next adventure together. 


Leave the Planning To Us 

No need to figure out where to stay, what restaurants to eat at, or transportation to book. 

We’ve got you covered! 

We spend countless hours researching and planning every step of the journey. 

We only communicate with the safest and most reputable agencies at each destination. 

Rest assured, once you step outside your front door.

1000 Treks will be in your corner every step of the way. 

1000 Treks has unique trips tailored for every continent on the globe. 

From North America to South America, we’ve got a trip for you. 

From Europe to Asia, your destination awaits. 

Let us be your guide to discovering the world and creating memories that last a lifetime! 

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