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Scandinavia Northern Lights Adventure

Location: Finland, Sweden and Norway

  • Dates: November through March
  • Trip Physical Level: 3

You have been dreaming about this for a long time! Make it happen and go see the Northern Lights in an fun-packed adventure, visiting three countries in one of the beautiful places in world: Scandinavia. GIF 0-Everything


- Visit 3 Scandinavian countries: Finland, Sweden and Norway.

- See the Northern Lights from a GLASS IGLOO! That's right! You've seen the pictures online and now you have the chance to actually do it!

- Have the chance to spend a night in the Arctic Snow Hotel, a hotel made entirely of ice and snow!

- Have 11 chances to see the Northern Lights in some of the best places in the world. We will be all-but-guaranteed to see the Aurora not only once, but several times. Here are some of the unique and amazing ways in which we will see the Lights:

  - From Abisko Sky Station in Sweden, where we will take a chairlift to what is possibly the best single spot on the planet to see the Northern Lights.

- From the Lofoten Islands, considered by many as the most beautiful background in the world for the Northern Lights.  

- While riding an Electric Snowmobile 

- On a sled pulled by reindeer. 

- On a sled pulled by huskies.

- While Floating on a frozen lake wearing a thermal floating suit.

- While horseback riding surrounded by snow.

- Snowshoeing through the Laplandish wilderness. 

- On a cruise on the Barents Sea

 We will also do some amazing and unique activities and have some amazing experiences unique to Scandinavia, such as: 

- Visiting and taking city tours of Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and Oslo, the capital of Norway.

- Seeing a real unearthed Viking ship

- Taking an overnight train from Helsinki to the Finnish Lapland in your own cabin with a bed and shower. A very cool and unique European experience!

And optional activities such as: 

- Visiting a husky farm and drive your own husky sled.

- Taking a full day tour and sailing on a real icebreaker.

- Ice fishing.

- Experiencing a snow sauna (that's right!) and a snow Jacuzzi.

- Going on a Finnish sauna where you can go on a sauna, come out and dip in frozen lake.

- Going Ice climbing

- Riding a fatbike on the snow

- Going Ice Karting.