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Access to tasty seasonal favorites can easily cause you to stray from your diet.   Learn how to avoid these diet wreckers.

There are some summer dishes that may seem like they are "light", but in reality pack excessive calories.   And simply because you may be exercising more due to access to the outdoors doesn't mean you want to take in more calories.   Here are the biggest summer diet blunders:

•  Summertime salads- Favorites like cole slaw and potato salad are loaded with calories due to all that mayonnaise.   If you must indulge, try making your own with reduced fat mayo and limit your portion size by remembering that these are not "free" calorie salads.

•  Party Drinks- Margarita's and other fruity drinks can pack 170 calories or more.   And these are empty calories that serve no purpose for the body.   In addition, alcohol dehydrates you, which can cause problems especially if you are exposed to the sun.   At a minimum, reduce your calorie exposure by alternating alcoholic with non-alcoholic beverages.

•  Burgers and hot dogs- These are perennial summer BBQ favorites and are packed with calories- especially if you add cheese, buns and other toppings/condiments.   Try reducing the calorie count by having turkey dogs or vegetarian burgers or throw a skinless chicken breast on the grill.

•  Ice cream and frozen yogurt- There's nothing better than these cool snacks on a hot day, but a 4-ounce scoop can yield 270 calories or more!   Try non-or low-fat yogurt instead or a fruit flavored treat on a stick.

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