"Trips are always full of adventure and are a great way to form amazing friendships. I even met my fiancee on my first 1000 Treks trip."

Jamie H.

"China trip was extremely well organized. We stayed in 5 stars hotels and travelled so much that in the end I thought I knew China better than California! LOL! We travelled for two weeks but did so much that it felt like we were there at least 3 months. We climbed the Great Wall of China in an absolutely isolated area! Can you believe it? In China and no people in my pictures! My friends asked me if I photoshopped people out. :) We did the most dangerous hike in the world, Mt. Huashan! It was the most incredible experience of my life! We saw Avatar Mountains. We visited Rainbow Mountains, so beautiful that it's impossible to describe. We walked on the world's tallest glass bridge! Piece of cake after Mt.Huashan! LOL! We went to a REAL Buddhist Temple in the White Mountains, where I could sit next to chanting monks in their daily service and meditate. THAT was a really special experience for me. We learned how to communicate with locals without knowing a single word in Mandarin language, we joined them on street dancing activities and saw several unique performances. It was so much fun! I loved every minute of our trip. I love experiencing new things, and EVERY SINGLE DAY we did something new! Thank you for incredible itinerary. That trip was one of the best trips of my life for sure!"

Irina P.

"For people that love to travel but afraid to travel alone, this group is great.  You meet new and adventurous individuals.  You will also develop new friendship.  I had excellent experience when we went to Brazil."

Mariana R.

"I recently attended the trip to China and it surpassed all expectations! The itinerary was unique and filled with opportunities for adventure, the accommodations and meals were excellent and the overall vibe of the group was great.  I can't wait for my new trip/adventure with this company!"

Cheryl L.

“My friends and I did a whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon trip, with a helicopter ride out of the canyon!  It was such an awesome adventure with a group of very cool people.  Can’t wait ‘til the next one.”  

Kirsten B.

"Kilimanjaro climb was one of the best trips of my life! Thanks 1000 Treks for making it happen!"

Christina from Greece :)
"I love going on 1000 Treks' trips because I've experienced a group atmosphere that honors each person. It seems to just happen naturally but actually I think it comes from that Eduardo is a genuinely kind person, is a good leader and organizer, and pays attention to the important details. I have seen him go out of his way to welcome a more awkward person, even when no one else was looking. It made me want to treat people like that too. 
Also, Eduardo chooses the most gorgeous adventures. I think he just has a passion for the wonder of the natural world. When we went to Catalina Island, in one weekend we swam with leopard sharks, hiked, kayaked, sat around the campfire and watched the stars."
Marion K.

"There are a number of travel groups and organizers out there, and what it comes down to are three things: itinerary, service providers/logistics, and the organizer him/herself. One trip with E-man, and you won't go with anyone else. His agendas rock, his buses/hotels/guides are solid, and he both rocks and is solid. Hahaha. Peace"

Graeme S.