Jamie H.

"Trips are always full of adventure and are a great way to form amazing friendships. I even met my fiancée on my first 1000 Treks trip."


Norman San Pedro Hilario

Our Alaska Cruise was an amazing event and for newbie in both 1000 Treks and being seaworthy, I think I passed. I thoroughly enjoyed everything that was planned by Chris Kelly (Team Leader) and his friendly and professional nature definitely made the trip for me. I made new lifelong friends on the voyage and all our wonderful dinners and other escapes (bar time with Ali Joseph at Moderno), Karaoke, etc. were all priceless treasured memories. We saw bear(s) in the wild, whales and all the magnificent glaciers - Hubbard and Mendenhall stood out, melting sadly...Our Norwegian Cruise line, Jewel was huge but not until we saw NCL Joy and I vowed to take that the next time around. Thank you, Eduardo and Chris from 1000Treks. You have made my Summer for 2019 and I am now planning for many more with you guys


Mahnaz Malek

My Alaska trip was my best one because of Chris’s leadership. He was very gentle, calm, and caring to every single one of the group.  I was really happy and relaxed with him and each of people in the group.


Cee Cee LovesHiking

We just went on our first trip to Australia with 1000 Treks and Eduardo.  We loved the itinerary the minute we read it.  The reason we opted to go on this trip because it was an active trip with various activities and unique adventures that were included.  We are the type of travelers who like to be active and get our feet wet and participate to the adventures as much as we possibly can.....and not sit on a tour bus all day and admire the sights from a distance. On our Australia trip, we met some wonderful new friends that shared the same traveling passions as we do.  We hope to travel more in the future with 1000 Treks and its members when time and money allow us.  Eduardo was organized with his itinerary. I'm being realistic that not all trips would go smoothly but I admired Eduardo's leadership, his calmness and his willing to help resolve the issues that might come up unexpectedly during the trip. We loved the organized day by day schedule ahead of time and most of all, we liked the fact that he responded to us quickly or immediately by text or email with any inquiries about the trip. The trips are not the cheapest trip out there to go on but we certainly came back home with many priceless memories to reminisce for many years to come


Katherine Hussmann

I highly recommend 1000 Treks!!  I’ve traveled a lot and with several other groups but none of them compare to the wonderful experiences and trips I’ve had with 1000 Treks.  The company’s leader Eduardo is very good at researching and putting together amazing itineraries that include more activities but somehow cost less than I find elsewhere.  To name just a few:  climbing the via Ferrata and staying in the Sky Lodge in the Sacred Valley in Peru and hiking Mt. Huashan in China.  In addition, I have found the group’s dynamic to be casual, friendly and inclusive, with an emphasis on promoting curiosity and adventure.  Just super fun.


Irina P.

"China trip was extremely well organized. We stayed in 5 stars hotels and travelled so much that in the end I thought I knew China better than California! LOL! We travelled for two weeks but did so much that it felt like we were there at least 3 months. We climbed the Great Wall of China in an absolutely isolated area! Can you believe it? In China and no people in my pictures! My friends asked me if I photoshopped people out. :) We did the most dangerous hike in the world, Mt. Huashan! It was the most incredible experience of my life! We saw Avatar Mountains. We visited Rainbow Mountains, so beautiful that it's impossible to describe. We walked on the world's tallest glass bridge! Piece of cake after Mt.Huashan! LOL! We went to a REAL Buddhist Temple in the White Mountains, where I could sit next to chanting monks in their daily service and meditate. THAT was a really special experience for me. We learned how to communicate with locals without knowing a single word in Mandarin language, we joined them on street dancing activities and saw several unique performances. It was so much fun! I loved every minute of our trip. I love experiencing new things, and EVERY SINGLE DAY we did something new! Thank you for incredible itinerary. That trip was one of the best trips of my life for sure!"


Cari Briggs

Absolutely love this travel group! The organizers are amazing people who are dedicated to planing the the most amazing and unique experiences. You couldn’t plan a trip on your own like them if you tried. The group of people I’ve traveled with and met during my trips with 1000 treks have been some of the nicest and friendliest people too. If your not traveling with 1000 treks, you’re definitely missing out!


Ray Oliver

The first trip I went on with this group was the Thanksgiving scuba diving trip to the Philippines in 2018. The people I met were awesome, it was well-organized, reasonably priced, very fun and the itinerary could not have been better. I’m looking forward to going to the Maldives this Thanksgiving with the group.  Overall fantastic experience!



Mariana R.

"For people that love to travel but afraid to travel alone, this group is great.  You meet new and adventurous individuals.  You will also develop new friendship.  I had excellent experience when we went to Brazil."


Cheryl L.

"I recently attended the trip to China and it surpassed all expectations! The itinerary was unique and filled with opportunities for adventure, the accommodations and meals were excellent and the overall vibe of the group was great.  I can't wait for my new trip/adventure with this company!"


Kirsten B.

“My friends and I did a whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon trip, with a helicopter ride out of the canyon!  It was such an awesome adventure with a group of very cool people.  Can’t wait ‘til the next one.” 


Graeme S.

"There are a number of travel groups and organizers out there, and what it comes down to are three things: itinerary, service providers/logistics, and the organizer him/herself. One trip with E-man, and you won't go with anyone else. His agendas rock, his buses/hotels/guides are solid, and he both rocks and is solid. Hahaha. Peace"


Marion K.

"I love going on 1000 Treks' trips because I've experienced a group atmosphere that honors each person. It seems to just happen naturally but actually I think it comes from that Eduardo is a genuinely kind person, is a good leader and organizer, and pays attention to the important details. I have seen him go out of his way to welcome a more awkward person, even when no one else was looking. It made me want to treat people like that too.

Also, Eduardo chooses the most gorgeous adventures. I think he just has a passion for the wonder of the natural world. When we went to Catalina Island, in one weekend we swam with leopard sharks, hiked, kayaked, sat around the campfire and watched the stars."


Christina from Greece :)

"Kilimanjaro climb was one of the best trips of my life! Thanks 1000 Treks for making it happen!"


Emily H.

I recently traveled to the Philippines with 1000treks for a scuba diving trip and it was one I will not forget. The resort was situated in the middle of the most diverse marine life I have ever encountered and we were able to dive to our heart's content. The dive company, Asia Divers, was professional, fun, very knowledgeable about the dive sites and marine life, and all around amazing! The staff at the resort were always so helpful and friendly and really made you feel at home as soon as you arrived. This trip was a blast all around and one I would recommend to everyone!


Nathan O.

We had a fantastic time traveling to the Philippines for Thanksgiving 2018 on our first trip with 1000Treks. The diving was among the best ever and was made even more enjoyable by the fun, safe, and accommodating group of fellow divers on the trip. The resort and dive company were in a perfect location and went over the top to accommodate us and make us feel like family. This was our first “tour group” trip and any concerns we had about this sort of travel quickly disappeared as soon as we met up with the group upon arrival in the Philippines. All of the logistics were taken care of so we could focus on having fun, making friends, and enjoying the culture. I highly recommend 1000treks trips and can’t wait to go on another one!


Tricia C.

Love this group! !  I love how all of the details are taken care of so that all I have to do is show up and have a great time. The group is well organized and the people are truly fun to be with. They are there to have a good time so you are guaranteed to have a good time too!  I look forward to more trips in the future!  Thank you 1000 Treks !


Brad Knoll

Now that I've been on one of the dive trips I'm never gonna leave.  All the planning and arranging of activities is done for you and it was way better than anything I could have done.  Everyone was very friendly and the accommodations were great.  If you want to do some great diving this is the place to be.


James Haugsness

The best part about this adventure group is the leaders plan several group activities in preparation for the specific adventure so those new to the group get to meet and interact with others prior to traveling together.  I can't wait for our next adventure together.


E. Velasquez

I went on a trip to  Machu Picchu in  2016. 

The trip was fun , adventurous and well planned.   In addition , you meet some really nice people. 

The pluses are as follows :

- For mountain trekking trips , Eduardo trains you and you get to hike and you also get to camp in some beautiful mountains in So Cal!

 -  If you are unable to find a friend to join you , no problem.  You ended up going on the trip and meeting new people . In addition, you get the safety of going in a group.

- If you don’t have time to plan a vacation or dislike planning , then this company  takes care of all that for you .

Overall - yes I would recommend this company for an adventurous vacation trip !


Virginia A.

I really enjoyed going with this group the organization was fantastic! wonderful experience !


Sarah Galas

This was my first trip with 1000 Treks and it was great. Our small group clicked upon meeting and we spent a fun week together on the Norwegian Jewel. Sharing our days and getting to know one another over  meals, drinks, excursions, dancing and just hanging out was terrific. In fact, others who met our group thought that we had known each other prior to the cruise since we were having so much fun together! Our leader, Chris, took the reins and successfully navigated us through some logistical issues that we weren't even aware of in the beginning. We joked with him about needing to earn the rating of Phenomenal and called him Menomena. But I have to say that he was phenomenal. In fact, I want to just call him Phe since there is nothing nominal about him as a leader!  Based on my experience, I highly recommend travelling with 1000 Treks and Chris.


Pam M.

Wonderful travel group and the leader Chris was phenomenal! Had a blast on the cruise.