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February 17-25, 2024

One of the most beautiful places in the world, Patagonia, the southernmost part of South America, is an incomparable place with unique and varied geography. Her stunning snow-capped mountains, glaciers, forests, rivers, and volcanoes will mark your memory for a lifetime! Our incomparable itinerary has the perfect combination of deep exploration and optional breathtaking hikes of all levels, and unique adventures.



February 25-March 7, 2024

A dream of every travel lover: Antarctica, the ice continent, the southernmost continent in the planet. You have seen (or will see) the other 6 continents, now let's go on a 11-day cruise to experience the 7th and most intriguing one of all.

Japan: Cherry Blossom, Monkeys in Hot Springs, Golden Route, & Beyond!

March 22-April 6, 2024

Let's go to one of the most fascinating countries in the world and experience one of the most beautiful spectacles of nature: Sakura, the Japanese Cherry Blossom. For only a few weeks every year, these beautiful and unique flowers blossom in Japan, creating breathtaking sceneries all over the country. 

Australia: The Adventure Down Under

May 25-June 9, 2024

The world's most amazing all-inclusive trip to Australia, the land down under. As always, we have gone out of our way to create a 1000 Treks-only amazing itinerary in which we will do tons of exciting activities and visit tons of incredible places. We will do the must-do tourist things that everyone has to do when they go to Australia, but, like we always do, we’ll take things to another level by seeing and doing unique and adventurous places and things.