Belize Memorial Day Scuba Adventure


Location: Belize- Belize City, San Pedro/Ambergris, Caye Caulker, Blue Hole, Turneffe Atoll and Mayan Ruins.


Dates: May 25th-June 2nd, 2019 (nine days, eight nights)


Price: 2,595.00


Group Leaders: Bianca & Eduardo (Co-leader)


It's OK to RSVP without a deposit. A deposit guarantees your spot.




Hey divers, non-divers, and future divers: 

Join us on a 9-day trip to dive some of the best locations in one of Central America's most dived and beloved countries, Belize!



This will be the perfect trip for Memorial Day for divers, future divers and non-divers. Read on!

We are taking advantage of Memorial Day and two weekends, so you only have to take 4 days off work for a 9-day vacation!

Belize offers many types of dive sites and culture to see! 

We will be staying on the breathtaking San Pedro Island, La Isla Bonita! Yup, that's the island that inspired the song! San Pedro is located just a 15-minute plane ride or a 1.5 hour boat ride away from the Mainland, Belize City.

Our resort will be the gorgeous Sunbreeze Hotel. This is a beach style resort, equipped with a lovely pool, beach lazing, restaurants and walking distance to downtown San Pedro for shopping and local cuisine. 




We will be diving with Scuba School Belize as our main Scuba operator. If you would like to get certified in Belize (pretty cool!) or have a friend that would like to, that will definitely be an option to add to your Belizean Adventure!

If you have a friend or significant other who does not dive and does not want learn how to, well first of all you have to ask them "what's wrong with you???". :-D But if they still don't want to and still want to come along, this will be the perfect trip for that. They can come to some of our outings with us and snorkel or they can stay at the resort and relax. They can also go snorkeling and exploring the beautiful beaches of San Pedro while you are out diving. At night we all get together have fun, go out to town, etc.


Dive Sites: 

- The Great Blue Hole. One of world’s most iconic dive sites and a must-do site for every scuba diver. Dive down to a depth of 130 feet checking stalactites formed from dripping water when the cave was above sea level

- Tureffe Atoll. Immerse yourself in amazing dive sites in the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world by diving the Belize Atolls. We will be diving Turneffe, one of the most popular of the Barrier Reef. 

- We will also be doing some local dives. There are over 100 amazing local dive sites on the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world within a 15 min boat ride. Sites like Esmeralda Canyons, Tackle Box, Mermaids Layer and Tuffy Canyons are among some of the most popular just to name a few. Dive masters will choose the best sites on a per dive basis based on conditions and visibility. You will immerse your senses in pristine 85 degree water with canyon formations with swim-throughs and wall diving where you will see incredible marine life like sharks, eels, turtles, dolphins, crabs, lobsters, eagle rays and so much more. 

- Caye Caulker. Another must-do Belizean site. We’ve arranged to take a private charter boat just for our group to Caye Caulker! This is a small coral island off the coast of Belize. The Split is referred to the narrow waterway that divides the island in two. 

Hol Chan Marine Reserve! A beautiful marine reserve where we will swim with bull sharks and sting rays and many other marine life.

- Extra dives or snorkel sites, you can be arranged with Scuba School Belize for additional pricing. 


Here's our awesome itinerary!

Saturday, May 25th: Fly into Belize City, Make way to San Pedro Island and get settled in.

Sunday, May 26th: Morning Pick up, and enjoy 2 tank dive along the outside of the Reef.

Monday, May 27th: Morning pick up, and enjoy 2 tank dive day at two amazing sites located
along the outside of the reef with at least one down to depth of 85 to 100 feet, for a deep dive prep.

Tuesday, May 28th: Early morning pick up, take a 2 hour boat trip to the Blue Hole dive, we will dive 3 unbelievable sites starting with the Blue Hole at 130feet!

Wednesday, May 29th: Afternoon pick up and head out to Hol Chan/Shark Ray Alley Dive combo and snorkel excursion. In the evening, head out for a night dive and experience sea life not seen during the day!

Thursday, May 30th: Dive the Turneffe Atoll 3 sites! This is only for Scuba Divers.

Friday, May 31st: All day private charter boat, visiting 2 dive sites before having lunch at the Lazy Lizard, located on Caye Caulker’s The Split Beach (lunch cost not included). After lunch we’ll head to another dive!

June 1st: Since we will be flying out on Sunday, this will be a non-diving day for us. Perfect for us to enjoy our last day relaxing on San Pedro! We can rent a golf cart, and drive it around to different beach locations like Secret Beach for some awesome beach bars! We can try delicious chocolate at Belize Chocolate Company or we can do some water activities; kayaking, paddle boarding, kitesurfing, parasailing, jet skiing, or maybe a sunset cruise! There is so many things to do, that'll be up to you to decide!!  

June 2nd: Take flights back to mainland, and fly home



- $2,595.00 for Scuba Divers. Email us directly if you would like to get certified or have a non-diver that wants to come along (price for non-divers is a lot lower). 

- A deposit of 400.00 (non-refundable) secures your reservation. Then you have until Feb 25th, 2019 to finish making your payment. Once we receive your deposit, we will send you an invoice for the remaining amount. When you make your payment, you will be asked for your email. MAKE SURE YOU LIST AN EMAIL YOU CHECK DAILY WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR PAYMENT. THAT'S WHERE YOU'LL RECEIVE YOUR INVOICE, QUESTIONNAIRE AND ALL THE EMAILS IN REGARDS TO THE TRIP.


- Full payment is only due on Feb 25, 2019, three months before the trip. So you have a lot of time to pay. You can make payments in any way you prefer so long as you are fully paid by the due date.

 - If you make payments or pay in full before the due date, your payments (minus the deposit) are refundable before the due date (Feb 25, 2019). After that, all payments are entirely non-refundable. We STRONGLY suggest that you get travel insurance to cover you in case you need to cancel your trip for any reason.



- All the hotel stays at double occupancy (please see ABOUT OCCUPANCY below).

- Seven days of boat/snorkel dives 2-3 dives per day from Sunday, May 26th through May 31st

- Tanks and weights.

- Dive boats for The Blue Hole and Turneffe Atoll dive days



- Flights (see FLIGHT info below).

- Optional activities, included the optional ones listed on the itinerary.

- Meals unless specifically stated in the itinerary.

- Travel insurance (highly recommended). We do offer Travel Guard travel insurance and will send you a link to purchase it once you pay your deposit. You can also get insurance with any company you would like.

- Tips to guides, drivers, staff, etc. 

- Rentals besides tanks and weights.

- Souvenirs or anything extra you would like to get.

- Anything or any activity not described in the itinerary.

- Transportation to and from the airport. Our hotel is across the street form the Tropic Air Airport and a 5.00-10.00 USD taxi ride from Maya Air Airport of the water taxi terminal. Belize is an English speaking country and San Pedro is a very safe small island. 



- Double occupancy: you will be paired up with someone of the same gender as a roommate. Unless you have someone that you are already coming with, of course. 

 - Single supplement (if you want a room for yourself): $820.00

- The last people to RSVP and pay the deposit MAY have to be put in triple occupancy rooms (if we end up with an odd number of men or women).



We are limiting the number of people to 20. We STRONGLY recommend that you put your deposit down ASAP. This way we can reserve your place. For every trip we do there are people who come in too late because they kept thinking about it too much.  Life does not wait for you if you hesitate. You know this trip was in your bucket list, so jump in right now!!!! :-)



Flights are NOT included. Flights are very easy to book nowadays on your own and some people want to do side trips, so it gets really unpractical to include flight. Besides many of you can use miles or other ways of making your flight free or saving money if you book it by yourself.  So instead of including air, we will give you guidelines so you can go to Kayak.com, Cheapoaire.com, Expedia.com, Orbitz.com, or any booking website and book your own. The best time to book a flight is usually 2-3 months before (the best day is Tuesday and the best time is between 12:00 and 3:00 PM).  We will book ours at that point and e mail the group telling you what we got.  If you do book the flight, we’ll meet at LAX. If not, we’ll just meet you there.

I did a quick search and already found flights as low as 450.00 round trip! I found a direct flight for 500.00 round trip and will probably buy that one about 60 days before.



- Arrives in San Pedro at any time on Saturday, May 25th. Fly into BZE and make your way to San Pedro Island via a short 15 minute flight on a Turboprop Aircraft or via 75 minute water taxi.

There are two airlines that fly from BZE to San Pedro: Tropic Air or Maya Island Air. The estimated cost for a round trip is $90-110. The Sunbreeze Hotel is located across the street from Tropic Air!

If you prefer to take the water taxi, the cost is $38 but you will have to make your way from BZE to the terminal. You can book your ticket in advance with Belize Express Water Taxi

- We highly suggest taking the 15 minute flight, for a much smoother transition with all your gear, as well as being able to see the beautiful island we’ll be staying on from the air! Book a roundtrip ticket from May 25th till June 2nd when we leave the island of San Pedro ahead of time!

- Departs San Pedro on Sunday, June 2nd at any time. Most flights are around noon. Our check out time at the hotel is 10:00 am.



- All the optional activities will be arranged and paid at Scuba School Belize or other tour operators.

- Because of the adventurous nature of our trips, our itinerary and some locations are subject to change due of weather, tides, road conditions, logistics and other unforeseen circumstances. It’s not likely, but it could happen. Whenever we make a change in the itinerary, we will do our best to keep the integrity of the trip.

- Passport is required, of course, as in all international travel. Your passport must be valid for 6 months after our return date of June 2nd, 2019, therefore it must be valid until at least November 2nd, 2019. If you don't have a valid passport or if you passport expires before November 2nd, 2019, make sure to get started on a new one ASAP. Here's the link for the Department of State Passport section: http://travel.state.gov//content/travel/en.html

- As of the time of this posting American Citizens don’t need a visa for the Belize. If you have a foreign passport, you may need a visa. Here's the Philippines Embassy page so you can look into that: https://www.embassy-worldwide.com/country/belize/ 

If you need to take care of any those issues, make sure to get on them ASAP so you don't get held up because of some unexpected delay. We've had people missing trips and losing their money because they waited too long, had unexpected issues come up, and couldn't take care of them before the trip started.



1000 Leagues Travel, 1000 Treks, Adventure Us, SoCal Scuba and their event/assistant organizers, representatives, agents, employees, and/or any affiliated person, company or entity are not responsible for your safety. Outdoor activities are inherently dangerous. By participating in any event, you're taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being and agree to release 1000 Leagues Travel, 1000 Treks, Adventure-us, SoCal Scuba and their event/assistant organizers, representatives, agents, employees, and/or any affiliated person, company or entity from ANY responsibility, liability or claim in law or in equity.

You acknowledge and understand fully that there are risks and dangers of serious bodily injury or death that could result from your participation in this event. You have voluntarily elected to participate and FULLY ACCEPT AND ASSUME ALL RISKS AND ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY INJURY, LOSSES AND DAMAGES TO PERSON OR PROPERTY THAT INCUR AS A RESULT OF YOUR PARTICIPATION.

You represent that you are qualified, in good health and in proper physical condition to participate in this event.

You agree not to sue and to release, discharge, waive, hold harmless and to indemnify 1000 leagues travel, 1000 treks, Adventure-us, SoCal Scuba and their event/assistant organizers, representatives, agents, employees, and/or any affiliated person, company or entity from and against all liabilities, claims, demands, losses, damages, suits and proceedings, regardless of the cause, including but not limited to, the negligence of any releasee, arising or resulting from your participation in these events.

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