Pre Announcing: Scandinavia Northern Lights Adventure

Location: Finland, Sweden and Norway.


Dates: March 14-29, 2020. One week version (March 12-21) will be offered.


Price: The price is not finalized yet. 


Deposit: Deposit amount not finalized yet.


Group Leader: Eduardo.


RSVP Limit: 20 

Glass Igloos 5

This is a pre-announcement. We are planning on announcing the trip and opening it up for deposits on Wednesday, July 17. The first five deposits will receive an early-bird discount. Our latest trips have been selling out just from the pre-announcement, so make sure to put your name on the "Wanna go!" list here to get notified in advance. 

This is truly going to be the most amazing Northern Lights trip ever!

We will:

- Visit 3 Scandinavian countries: Finland, Sweden and Norway.

- See the Northern Lights from a GLASS IGLOO! That's right! You've seen the pictures online and now you have the chance to actually do it!

Glass Igloos 10

- Have the chance to spend a night in the Arctic Snow Hotel, a hotel made entirely of ice and snow!

Snow Hotel 11


- Have 11 chances to see the Northern Lights in some of the best places in the world. We will be all-but-guaranteed to see the Aurora not only once, but several times. Here are some of the unique and amazing ways in which we will see the Lights:

 - From Abisko Sky Station in Sweden, where we will take a chairlift to what is possibly the best single spot on the planet to see the Northern Lights.  

Sky Station 4

 - From the Lofoten Islands, considered by many as the most beautiful background in the world for the Northern Lights.  

Lofoten 7


 - While riding Electric Snowmobile 

Snowmobile 1


- On a sled pulled by reindeer! 

Reindeer 4


- While Floating on a frozen lake wearing a thermal floating suit.

Floating 1


 - While horseback riding surrounded by snow. 

Horseback 2


  - Snowshoeing through the Lapland wilderness. 

Snowshoeing 3

 - On a cruise on the Arctic Ocean.

Boat 1


We will also do some amazing and unique activities and have some amazing experiences unique to Scandinavia, such as:

- Ride a husky sled (you will get to be a musher and drive your own dog sled!).

Husky 3


- Visit and take city tours of Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Helsinki 1

Oslo 1


- See a real unearthed Viking ship!

Viking 2


- Take an overnight train from Helsinki to the Finnish Lapland in your own cabin with a bed and shower. A very cool and unique European experience!

Train 1


- Take a full day tour and sail on a real icebreaker

Sampo 5 (2)


- Go Ice fishing

Ice Fishing 2


- Experience a snow sauna (that's right!) and a snow jacuzzi

Snow Sauna 3

Snow Sauna 6


- Go on a Finnish sauna where you can go on a sauna, come out and dip in frozen lake

Sauna 13


- Go Ice climbing

Ice Climbing 1


- Ride a fatbike on the snow

Fatbike 1


- Go Ice Karting.

 Kart 2


Again, people who put their name on the "Wanna go!" list here will get the first email out when we finally open it for deposits, and the first five people who send in the deposit will get an early-bird discount. So make sure to RSVP here to get that email before everyone else.  


  • Please publish the itinerary when you open it up for taking deposits. Cheers - "Selvan Ekambaram"


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  • Can you guys do another 2nd crew for this same trip. My wife and I want to go - "Ahsby "


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