The Greatest New Zealand Adventure Ever! SOLD OUT

March 31-April 15, 2018

Location: New Zealand.




 It's OK to RSVP without a deposit. A deposit guarantees your spot.



Keeping up with our tradition of amazing, one of a kind, out of this world adventure trips, let’s go to the adventure capital of the world: New Zealand! 

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One of the most beautiful places in the world, a country with an incredible variety of landscapes, beautiful and friendly people, and an array of adventures and activities, New Zealand is on the bucket list of every adventure and travel lover. And once again, we drove operators crazy but were able to put together a two week itinerary packed with everything awesome there is to do in New Zealand.


Here are some of the things we are going to do: 

- Visit the main cities in both North and South Islands: Auckland, Wellington, Rotorua, Christchurch and Queenstown. 

- Do Tongariro Alpine Crossing, regarded as the world's best day hike. 

- Visit and take a cruise at Milford Sound, one of the most beautiful fiords in the world. 

- Visit a Maori village. Maoris are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. 

- Visit, hike and kayak at Abel Tasman National Park. 

- Explore volcanos and geothermal activity locations. 

- Visit the sets of Lord of the Rings and Hobbiton. 

- Visit glow-worm caves. 

- Visit Lake Wanaka where we can go cycling, mountain biking, hiking or climb a via ferrata right next to a majestic waterfall. 

- See Fox Glacier & Franz Josef Glacier 

- Have chances to do all the fun adventure activities we have ever wanted to do: 

        - Zorbing (yes!!!). 

        - Ziplining. 

        - Bungee Jumping from the first ever bungee jump bridge. 

        - Jet Boating. 

        - Whitewater Rafting (including the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world!) 

        - Whitewater Sledging (fun!!!) 

        - Blackwater Rafting (rafting inside caves) 

        - Rappelling. 

        - Skydiving.  

        - Hot air balloon (you might get to see me wingsuit off of a balloon. I’m still trying to get permission to do that but if I do, it’ll be pretty cool!). 

        - Go on a 4x4 adventure. 

        - Horseback riding. 

        - Fly on a helicopter to Franz Josef Glacier, hike on it, and get inside ice caves! 

        - Do a helicopter tour over the Glaciers. 

And more! That’s just a summary. Yup, that’s going to be another adventure-packed trip that only 1000 Treks puts together.  ;-) There are a lot of companies that do New Zealand trips but I’ve never seen an itinerary like ours. 

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We purposefully picked early April/early Fall in New Zealand for our trip. This way we avoid the summer vacation crowds (it gets REALLY crowded nowadays during the traditional summer months) and enjoy nice weather. New Zealand is almost at the exact latitude as the U.S. except that it’s on the Southern Hemisphere. So think of early April in New Zealand as equivalent to early Fall/early October in the U.S.: no longer too hot, but not yet too cold. We'll get the best of both worlds: no crowds and mild weather. 

As usual, we are taking advantage of the weekends, so even with the long flight we still have 15 days in New Zealand, but only have to take 10 days off work.

Here is our amazing itinerary (as always, we have a very packed itinerary but you are always welcome to take a day off at any time from the activities and just stay at our hotel if just want to relax for the day):



Arrive in Auckland and have the day to recover from jet lag and rest.  We will be staying right at CBD (City Business District), so depending on what time we arrive, we can go sightseeing and explore the Skytower, Auckland harbor, vibrant Queen Street & Wynyard Quarter, all within walking distance from our hotel.    

Accommodation: Quest on Queen Serviced Apartments or similar



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Today we’ll travel to the beautiful Waitakere Ranges via private transport and spend the day exploring waterfalls and enjoying short walks and sightseeing. One of the unique things about Waitakere is the black sand beaches around Piha and Bethells Beach. We’ll return to Auckland CBD early in the evening. 

Accommodation:  Quest on Queen Serviced Apartments or similar, 2nd night.



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Today we’ll travel to Waitomo to see the famous and stunning glow-worm caves: caves inhabited by luminescent glow-worms! 

We will take a fascinating boat tour through the magical caves that should take about 45 minutes where we'll get to see and learn about the glow-worms. 

Now, if we want to take things further for more adventure, we can go blackwater rafting, which is rafting inside the caves! We will have two choices:  

Blackwater Labyrinth Tour: a 3 hour tour deep into the cave that will include jumping though cascading waterfalls! 

Blackwater Abyss Tour: a 5 hour cave tour! First we'll rappel 100 feet into the cave, then we'll explore, raft, climb waterfalls and even zipline inside the glow-worm cave!

Both those activities will be optional and cost extra. I’m including a price list for extra activities at the end of the post. Now, we were really careful when designing  this itinerary so that the people who choose not to do a particular optional activity will still have free and fun stuff to do. In this case, if you choose to just do the boat tour, there will be plenty of things for you to do while the blackwater rafting group is down there: you can take a one-hour informative tour (extra but very inexpensive), you can go for a walk on a scenic reserve that is right by the caves, or you can go back to the hotel and enjoy the Jacuzzi , go have a drink at the bar, or just relax.  

Accommodation: Waitomo Hotel or similar



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Today we’ll leave Waitomo headed to Rotorua. On the way we’ll take a little detour and do a little stop. A little supercool stop by Hobbiton to do a tour of the set where Lord of the Rings was filmed. New Zealand’s breathtaking scenery was featured as Middle?earth in both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy. The stunning landscapes captivated people around the world as the “unbilled star” of the hugely successful trilogy. Today we’ll get to see and walk around that amazing set that was preserved to become a tourist attraction. Whether you are a Lord of the Rings fan or not, this will be a very cool (and very beautiful) place to see. 

Once we get to Rotorua, we’ll have the chance to relax at the hotel for a little bit and at 7:30 PM we’ll attend a Maori Cultural show & dinner. Maoris are the original Polynesian people of New Zealand. Their culture is very alive and integral part of New Zealand’s culture. This is going to be an interesting and unique show where we’ll be introduced to this fascinating culture and beautiful people.   

Accommodation: Copthorne Hotel or similar



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Today we have free day in Rotorua, one of the most fascinating cities in New Zealand. Rotorua is famous for its geothermal activity and landscapes. A city surrounded by steaming lakes, bubbling hot pools and bursting geysers, host to some of the world’s most incredible natural forces. Rotorua is also famous for adventures, such as Zorbing, Luging and whitewater rafting, including the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world! We will be able to either raft on that river, or go sledging on it! 

What is Zorbing, you might ask? Well, this is Zorbing:


And in case you don’t know, this is luging: 


 And this is whitewater sledging: 


Yup, we are going to be kids again on this trip! :-) 


So here are our options for today in Rotorua: 

  - Sightseeing on your own (free). Rotorua is a small town and it’s very easy to get around for the people who choose this option.

   - Visit Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland where we’ll get to experience Rotorua’s thermal activity up-close.

   - Soak in the natural hot springs at the Polynesian Spa

  - Go whitewater rafting or sledging on the Kaituna River 

  - Be kids again and visit Ogo Rotorua Ball Rolling Park to go zorbing. 

  - Be kids again and visit Skyline Rotorua where we can ride a gondola to the top of a scenic hill to enjoy the view and come down in a luge-cart! 

Except from sightseeing on your own, all the other activities are optional and will cost extra. Again, I’m listing the price at the end of the post. Each activity will take about two hours, except for rafting that will take three hours and Wai-O-Tapu that will take half day. If you choose to visit Wai-O-Tapu, you will be able to do that plus one more activity. Otherwise you can do up to three activities if you would like. We’ll break up into small groups that will be taken to the activities together. 

At the end of the day (late afternoon/early evening) we’ll travel to Tongariro National where we’ll spend the night getting ready for an amazing hike the following day. 

Accommodation: Tongariro Chateau Hotel or similar



Today we will do what is considered the best day hike in the world: Tongariro Crossing Hike. A 12 mile hike through some of the most diverse and stunning scenery you will ever see. It is considered moderate in intensity, but because it is 12 miles long, it is a challenging hike.

Those who choose not to do the hike can enjoy short, less strenuous hikes & walks in the area, relax in the hotel at the pool, sauna or at the restaurant and bar. No matter what, this will be a beautiful day. 

Accommodation: Tongariro Chateau Hotel or similar, 2nd night 



We’ll leave in the morning for a 3.5 hour drive to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. We’ll arrive early in the afternoon, check in and then have the rest of the day to explore Wellington. Interesting fact: Wellington was named The World’s Most Livable City for its all-around great quality of life! Since Wellington is a pretty compact and organized city, we won’t need transportation or a guide. We will go together to visit the Parliament, Mount Victoria Lookout and take the Wellington Cable Car to visit the Botanical Gardens. At night we will got together to have dinner in the city.

Accommodation: Travel Lodge Civic Center or similar



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On our second day in Wellington we will spend the morning and early afternoon exploring the city and getting a feel for the artsy, coffee culture. We’ll also visit the famous Te Papa Museum, the national museum and art gallery of New Zealand. 

At 5pm we’ll fly to Nelson and get shuttled to our accommodation to be ready the next morning for our Abel Tasman tour.

Accommodation: Quest, Nelson or similar 



Today we’ll be exploring the beautiful and famous Abel Tasman National Park for the whole day. Abel Tasman is famous for beautiful beaches and beautiful coastal hikes. This is what director James Cameron had to say about Abel Tasman: “It’s not difficult to find great hikes in Abel Tasman National Park. You can kayak in the ocean before you start your hike in the forest. You can do both in one day because everything is fairly close together.”  Well, we’ll have to listen to James Cameron and do exactly that: We will enjoy the best of this beautiful place by walking, hiking and doing a super fun kayak tour.

Accommodation: Quest, Nelson 2nd night 



Gif 12

Today we’ll fly from Nelson to another famous and unique city in New Zealand: Christchurch. Christchurch is “the most English city in New Zealand”. Our tour operator, who is from England says that every time she goes to Christchurch she thinks of home, as it is so reminiscent of an English town. So well, there it goes: we’ll feel like we are visiting two countries in the same trip. ;-)

Another unique thing about Christchurch was that it was hit by very hard earthquakes in just 2010 and 2011 and a lot of the city was completely left in shambles. Christchurch turned out to be amazingly resilient, and we will be able to see how they bounced back into a vibrant and modern city while at the same time being able to keep its charm.  There are still poignant reminders throughout the city of what Christchurch went through such as Christchurch Cathedral which is still partially in ruins and 'the white chairs' where there are 185 chairs to represent the 185 lives that were lost in the earthquake in 2011.  All of these sights are available for visitors to view and pay their respects. 

We will spend the afternoon in Christchurch exploring and sightseeing.  We will visit Cardboard Cathedral, the Restart Mall and Hagley Park where we can go punting on the river (not included, but very inexpensive). 

Stay: Breakfree, City Centre or similar 



Today we will leave Christchurch on a stunning full day scenic drive to Lake Wanaka. We will make multiple stops including Lake Tekapo & The Church of the Good Shepherd for photo ops, have some free time in Mount Cook village as well as make tea stops in several towns along the way.  We will see the majestic Mount Cook (highest mountain in NZ) and go past the glacial blue waters of Lake Pukaki whilst experiencing some of the most scenic roads in New Zealand. We will arrive in Wanaka, where our accommodation is a stone’s throw from the calm waters of Lake Wanaka. 

Accommodation: Aspiring Motel, Wanaka or similar 



Gif 14

Lake Wanaka is our operator’s favorite place in New Zealand, so we know we’re in for a treat! We will spend the day at this beautiful lake where we can walk, hike, kayak, paddle board, rent road or mountain bikes and just spend an amazing day at an amazing place.

For those of us who are up for it, we will have the opportunity to do another super cool adventurous activity: climb a via ferrata next to one of the tallest and most beautiful waterfalls in the world: Twin Falls. What’s a via ferrata? Well I’m glad you asked.  Via ferrata is a protected climbing route. They basically put iron steps along a cliff and steel cables running next to them to make climbing very easy and safe. They turn a wall that would be sometimes impossible to climb into an easy and safe climb. It’s still VERY exciting, because you go up sometimes 1,000’s of feet, but you are completely safe with your harness clipped to a safety cable next to you, and climbing is as easy as climbing a ladder. We will have the choice to do the Go Wild tour (3 hours) or the Wild Thing tour (5 hours). Check this out!


Amazing, right??? Well, we’ll have the chance to do that. I know I’m doing it for sure! :-) 

Later in the afternoon we will get on our private bus to travel to Franz Josef Glacier Township. 

Accommodation: 10 Cottages, Franz Josef or similar 



Gif 15

Today we’ll be experiencing one of the most beautiful land formations in the world: a glacier. Actually we will be experiencing TWO glaciers: Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers, the two famous glaciers of New Zealand. They are both very close to one another (driving distance) so we’ll visit both.

 We will star at Franz Josef Glacier and we’ll have two options: we can do a free walk all the way to the base of the glacier, which is beautiful (and did I mention free?) or we can take things to a whole new level and take a helicopter where we can land on the glacier and hike on it. I have done hikes on glaciers before, and it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done! Now at Franz Josef they make things even more exciting and take you inside glacier caves! A glacier cave is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life, but I've never gotten inside one. This is going to be amazing! Obviously this will depend on conditions; if the guides deem it not safe to enter the cave, we won’t do it, but normally we should be able to, and that will be one of the most amazing experiences of our lives! 

We will then leave Franz Josef and go visit Fox Glacier. At Fox Glacier you can’t get to the base of the glacier, so we’ll go on a walk to lookout points to see the it.  It’ll be a fairly short walk and we’ll see the glacier from few hundred meters away.

 We will then get back on our coach and head out to Queenstown. On the way to Queenstown we’ll take a little detour to see the magical Lake Matheson where we will take a short walk to view the reflections of Mount Cook onto the lake, one of the most beautiful postcards of New Zealand.  

We’ll arrive in Queenstown at the end of the day. 

Accommodation: Rydges, Queenstown or similar 



Gif 16

Our final days in New Zealand will be in Queenstown. Remember I said that New Zeeland is considered the Adventure Capital of the World? Well, Queenstown is the Adventure Capital of New Zealand!. A beautiful city with tons of stuff to do for adventurers of all levels. From simply enjoying the town, truly one of the most beautiful towns in the world, to going on a wine tasting tour or getting more adventurous and going ziplining, bungee jumping or skydiving, we will have a full and fun day for all tastes.  

We will start the day with an optional sunrise balloon ride. They will pick us up before sunrise and take us on a balloon ride over Queenstown’s backcountry. We will likely have views of Coronet Peak and The Remarkable ski areas, Mount Aspiring in the Southern Alps ,Mount Tutoko in Fiordland National Park, Lake Wakatipu, Lake Hayes, and the Shotover and Kawarau rivers. We’ll also get to see some locations used in "The Lord of the Rings". We will be back at 10 AM and still have the whole day to do all the fun activities we want. Here are our options: 

  - Jet Boating

  - Bungee Jumping 

 - Skydiving

 - Horseback Riding 

 - Luging (in case you missed it in Rotorua or want to go again) 

  - Ziplining (including an option to go ziplining at night!) 

  - 4x4 Adventure (3 hour) 

  - Whitewater Rafting

  - Whitewater Sledging (in case you missed in in Rotorua or want to go again!) 

  - Go on a Wine Tasting Tour 

  - Go on a lake cruise on a real steamship

  - Relax at Onsen Spa Hot Pools 

  - Sightseeing in Queenstown (free) 

  - Full day hike to Ben Lomond (unguided, free)  

Some of the activities will be free and some will be extra, and some of those activities will take just a few hours while some might take the whole day. I’m included a price list at the end of the post. You will let me know which ones you are interested in once you sign up for the trip and we’ll see what the timeline would be. 

Accommodation: Rydges, Queenstown or similar 2nd night



 On our last day we will visit one of the most beautiful fiords in the world: Milford Sound. Described as the"'eighth wonder of the world", Milford Sound is absolutely breathtaking. The fiord's cliffs rise vertically from the dark waters, mountain peaks scrape the sky and waterfalls cascade downwards, some as high as 3,000 feet. 

We will do a scenic boat cruise where we will get really close to some of those waterfalls. Sometimes they even go slightly under it and we can get in front of the boat and get wet from the waterfall! Coooool!! And as an extra super bonus we will have the option to go kayaking. Imagine kayaking right at one of the most beautiful fiords in the world! 

Accommodation: Rydges, Queenstown or similar,  3rd night 



Unfortunately everything has to come to an end, so today we have to get back home. Depending on what time our flights are, we can still enjoy part of the day and do more activities in Queenstown, but at some point we just have to leave. I know you will want to stay more but it’s time to get back to reality. We will go home with some of the most amazing memories of our lives and thousands of likes on our Facebook and Instagram pictures, though. ;-) 



- 3,295.00. 

- The price is actually one of the most attractive things on this trip. This is truly the best AND most reasonably priced package to New Zealand we have ever seen. 1000 Treks is definitely not a “discount” or “cheap travel” company, but for this trip we worked with an independent travel planner and did our bookings directly with hotels and operators to get amazing prices for everything. 

- A deposit of 500.00 (non-refundable) secures your reservation. Then you have until December 31, 2017 to finish making your payment. Once we receive your deposit, we will send you an invoice for the remaining amount.  


- Full payment is only due on December 31, 2017, three months before the trip. So you have a lot of time to pay. You can make payments in any way you prefer so long as you are fully paid by the due date. I suggest that you do finish making your payments prior to December 31. 

- If you make payments or pay in full before the due date your payments (minus the deposit) are refundable before the due date (December 31, 2017). After that, all payments are entirely non-refundable. We STRONGLY suggest that you get travel insurance to cover you in case you need to cancel your trip for any reason. 

- Since there will be a lot of optional activities, we will send you a list with prices and you will let us know which activities you want to add and we'll add them to your invoice. You can take your time choosing the activities, so long as you decide with enough time to pay for everything by the due date. Some activities will be a little as 30 bucks, while some will be as much as 400.00. We’re adding an optional activity price list below.



- All the hotel stays at double occupancy (please see ABOUT OCCUPANCY below). 

- All transportation to our scheduled included activities. 

- Entrance to all the included activities listed.



- Flights (see FLIGHT below). 

- Transportation to and from the airport. Since we will be booking our own flights and arriving at different times and New Zealand is such a safe, well organized country, it will be cheaper and easier for us to just take a taxi or a shuttle to the hotel and meet  there. A taxi to and from the airport will cost around 30.00 and a shuttle around 15.00. 

- Optional activities as listed on the itinerary. 

- Meals unless specifically stated in the itinerary. 

- Travel insurance (highly recommended). We do offer Travel Guard travel insurance and can send you a quote once you pay your deposit. You can also get insurance with any company you would like. 

- Tips to guides, drivers, staff, etc.  

- Rentals. 

- Souvenirs or anything extra you would like to get.



- Double occupancy: you will be paired up with someone of the same gender as a roommate. Unless you have someone that you are already coming with, of course.  

 - Single supplement (if you want a room for yourself): 1,595.00 

- The last people to RSVP and pay the deposit MAY have to be put in triple occupancy rooms (if we end up with an odd number of men or women).



- We’re not setting a deadline but we’re limiting the number of people to 20. We STRONGLY recommend that you put your deposit down ASAP. This way we can reserve your place. For every trip we do there are people who come in too late because they kept thinking about it too much.  Life does not wait for you if you hesitate. I know this trip was in your bucket list, so jump in right now!!!! :-)



Flights are NOT included. Flights are very easy to book on your own and some people want to do side trips, so it gets really unpractical to include flight. Besides many of you can use miles or other ways of making your flight free or saving money if you book it by yourself.  So instead of including air, I will give you guidelines so you can go to Kayak.com, Cheapoaire.com, Expedia.com, Orbitz.com, or any booking website and book your own. 

 I just did a quick preliminary search on Expedia and the flights are around 1,000 right now, but should go down. Just so you know, the best time to book a flight is usually 3-4 months before (the best day is Tuesday and the best time is between 12:00 and 3:00 PM). I will book mine at that point and then will e mail the group telling you what I got.  If you do book the flight I suggest from LA, we’ll meet at LAX. If not, I’ll just meet you in Auckland.   



- Arrives in Auckland at any time on March 31, 2017. Our rooms will be available at the hotel after 3:00 PM.   

- Leaves Queenstown at any time on April 15, 2017. Checkout at our hotel is at 10:00 AM. 




- Passport is required, of course. Your passport must be valid for 6 months after our return date of April 15, 2018. Therefore it must be valid until at least October 15, 2018. If you don't have a valid passport or if you passport expires before October 15, 2018, make sure to get started on a new one ASAP. Here's the link for the Department of State Passport section: http://travel.state.gov//content/travel/en.html 

- As of the time of this posting American Citizens don’t need a visa for New Zealand. If you have a foreign passport, you may need a visa. Here's the New Zealand Consulate page so you can look into that: https://www.immigration.govt.nz/new-zealand-visas/options/visit.Again

If you need to take care of any those issues, make sure to get on them ASAP so you don't get held up because of some unexpected delay. We've had people missing trips and losing their money because they waited too long, had unexpected issues come up, and couldn't take care of them before the trip started.  



Here are the prices for all the optional activities at each location.  I know there are a lot of options, but there is no rush to let us know which ones you will be doing. We basically have until a week before due date to get this sorted out. That means you need to let us know by December 24. Prices are in USD.



Black Labyrinth Blackwater Rafting- 99.00

Black Abyss Blackwater Rafting- 189.00 



Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Park- 69.00 

Whitewater Rafting Kaituna River (Biggest Commercially Rafted Drop in the World!)- 84.00 

Whitewater Sledging Kaituna River- 89.00 

Rotorua Skyline Park: gondola & 5 luge rides- 54.00 

Zorbing- 44.00 

Polynesian Spa  Hot Springs- 49.00 



Go Wild Via Ferrata Tour (3 hour)- 149.00 

Wild Thing Via Ferrata Tour (5 hour)- 194.00



Franz Josef Heli Hike- 339.00 



Bungee Nevis Bridge (One of the Highest in the World. 439 ft!)- 155.00 

Bungee Kawarau Bridge (The First in the World. 140ft.)- 155.00 

Skydive- 259.00 

Queenstown Skyline Park: gondola & 5 luge rides- 54.00 

Whitewater Rafting - Kawarau River- 189.00 

Whitewater Sledging- Kawarau River- 189.00  

Ziplining- 169.00 

Twilight Ziplining- 134.00

Jetboating- Shotover River- 119.00 

Horseback Riding (2 hour wild river)- 119.00 

4x4 Adventure (4 hour nomad safari)- 149.00 

Hot Air Balloon Ride- 419.00 

Onsen Hot Pools Spa- 69.00 

Wine Tasting Tour- 129.00 

Lake Cruise on Vintage Steamship- 59.00 



Kayaking at Milford Sound- 64.00




1000 Leagues Travel, 1000 Treks, Adventure Us, SoCal Scuba and their event/assistant organizers, representatives, agents, employees, and/or any affiliated person, company or entity are not responsible for your safety. Outdoor activities are inherently dangerous. By participating in any event, you're taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being and agree to release 1000 Leagues Travel, 1000 Treks, Adventure-us, SoCal Scuba and their event/assistant organizers, representatives, agents, employees, and/or any affiliated person, company or entity from ANY responsibility, liability or claim in law or in equity. 

You acknowledge and understand fully that there are risks and dangers of serious bodily injury or death that could result from your participation in this event. You have voluntarily elected to participate and FULLY ACCEPT AND ASSUME ALL RISKS AND ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY INJURY, LOSSES AND DAMAGES TO PERSON OR PROPERTY THAT INCUR AS A RESULT OF YOUR PARTICIPATION. 

You represent that you are qualified, in good health and in proper physical condition to participate in this event. 

You agree not to sue and to release, discharge, waive, hold harmless and to indemnify 1000 leagues travel, 1000 treks, Adventure-us, SoCal Scuba and their event/assistant organizers, representatives, agents, employees, and/or any affiliated person, company or entity from and against all liabilities, claims, demands, losses, damages, suits and proceedings, regardless of the cause, including but not limited to, the negligence of any releasee, arising or resulting from your participation in these events.

 You understand that the 1000 Leagues Travel, 1000 Treks, Adventure-us and SoCal Scuba may, from time to time, take photographic, digital or video images of event participants for advertising purposes. You hereby agree to allow 1000 Leagues Travel, 1000 Treks, Adventure-us and SoCal Scuba to use those images for that purpose without expectation of privacy or remuneration.