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Eduardo Dias Brito
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As a personal trainer, skydiving coach, Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certified master scuba diver, rock climber and an outdoorsman highly trained in survival, Brazilian born Eduardo has been an adventurer his whole life.
Eduardo has led groups on all sorts of adventurous experiences from whitewater rafting and local camping trips to scuba diving with great white sharks and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.
For Mt. Kilimanjaro, he personally trained 25 people who successfully reached the summit.
Eduardo's trips tend to be more adventurous and might take you off-the-beaten-path and a little beyond your current “adventure zone”.
With Eduardo, you'll relax on the beaches of Costa Rica but also go whitewater rafting and climb a volcano; you'll see the Great Wall of China but also hike Mt. Huashan, the scariest hike in the world; you'll see Machu Picchu in Peru but also stay at the Skylodge, where your room is a glass capsule hanging on the side of a cliff.
Whether you're an avid adventurer or a beginner who wants to have amazing experiences but are unsure where to safely begin, you'll love Eduardo's trips.
You will have the time of your life, meet lifelong friends, and come back bragging about the adventurous things you did on your last trip.
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