A non-refundable deposit starts your reservation process. You will then receive this contract and
a questionnaire, which need to be filled out, signed, and dated within 72 hours to finish your
reservation. If you don't agree to the Terms of the contract, you may cancel your reservation
within 72 hours of its receipt and receive a refund of your deposit.

Your booking is confirmed and a contract exists when 1000 Leagues Travel issues a written
confirmation and/or invoice after receipt of the applicable deposit amount and all requested and
required documents.

Once you are confirmed, your deposit becomes movable. That means, if you need to cancel
your participation on the trip for any reason, you may request a credit for 100% of your deposit
that can be applied to any 1000 Leagues Travel Trip which departs within one year of the
departing date of the original trip. Unused credits will expire one year from the departure date of
the original trip. Please be aware that your spot on the new trip will be subject to availability, and
our trips tend to fill up fast.

All deposits are non-transferable; you may not transfer your deposit to another person.

Deposits for additional activities and extensions are not refundable, movable, or transferable. If
you cancel your participation on the trip, extensions, and/or activities, you will forfeit 100% of
your deposit for the extensions and/or activities.

Full payment is due on the “due date." You may make payments on any flexible payment
schedule you prefer, so long as you are fully paid by the due date.

The Trip MUST be fully paid by the due date. If the Trip is not paid by 11:59 PM PST on the due
date, you will forfeit all your deposits (including deposits for additional activities and extensions)
and be removed from the Trip. Any payment made in excess of deposits will be refunded to you.

Your payments (excluding deposits and payments for additional activities and any other
non-refundable payments) are refundable, movable, or transferable before the due date. After
the final payment due date, all payments and deposits are entirely non-refundable,
non-movable, and non-transferable.

Trip bookings after the due date may be allowed from time to time, dependent on the spots
available, if 100% of the Trip cost is paid at the time of booking. Additional activities may not be
available or may carry additional cost(s). All payments made will be non-refundable,
non-movable and non-transferable.