Physical Activity Rating

1000 Treks Trips Physical Ratings

Here is a description of what kind of physical activity level you will have to be prepared to encounter on your trip. Because of the adventurous nature of some of the activities, and the fact that we will be traveling in groups, it is important that you pay attention to the descriptions below and don't sign up for something beyond your fitness level.
Due to the facts that we will be traveling in groups, and that we can't control what kind of accessibility is offered in other countries, you do need to be able-bodied and generally in good health, needing no assistance to perform regular traveling chores, such as walking unaided, getting up and down a few flights of stairs, getting on and off any mode of transportation(including buses, trains, and boats), and carrying your own luggage when necessary. We can often arrange special accessibility arrangements for private trips through our  Concierge Service.

Level 1. Easy: Relaxed and chill vacations. You won't be expected to do much, if any, physical activity.

Level 2. Light: Think "fun vacation with some activities." Some walking, sometimes for a few hours, standing for fairly long periods of time, and some physical activities. You don't have to be particularly fit, but make sure you are in general good physical health.

Level 3. Moderate: You need to be in good health and of an average fitness level. You may have long tour days on a bus, or have full day excursions with long walks (although usually on paved ground), or light bike rides (usually on flat, paved terrain). You may have to climb several flights of stairs, and sometimes stand for extended periods of time. We may also be in very warm or cold weather, although often only momentarily. You may break a sweat and get your heart pumping from time to time. Sometimes you may have lengthy days, with early morning starts and late evening returns.

Level 4. Active: Think "active vacation." You must be in good health and at a good fitness level. You don't have to be trained or even have experience, but you may have to learn entry level skills for activities such as mountain biking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, caving, canyoneering, rappelling, rock climbing, and other active sports, and perform those activities under professional supervision. You may also go on activities such as swims (in the ocean, lakes, or rivers), long bicycle rides (sometimes through rough terrain), rock scrambles and hikes (sometime exposed, and through steep, muddy and slippery terrain at altitude above 10,000 feet/3,000 meters). Be prepared for long walks, often on unpaved roads, trekking through undeveloped areas either by foot, bus, or off-road vehicle, traveling for extended periods of time, sometimes on rough terrain or by boat in inclement conditions, and staying for long periods of time in very warm or very cold, and/or rainy weather. You will often have a few lengthy days, with early mornings and late evenings. You don't need to be an athlete, but you need to be in good physical condition, have an adventurous spirit, and can't be afraid of a little hard work and a little rough time in order to have some extra fun.

Level 5. Challenging: Get ready for some serious challenges. You must be very healthy, and very physically and mentally fit. You will often have full days of heavy physical activities, long swims through the ocean, rivers, or lakes; long, steep walks; full-day hikes, often exposed and often through steep, muddy and slippery terrain at high altitude (often well above 10,000 feet/3,000 meters). During these activities, you will often experience a variety of climates, including very hot, humid, cold, windy, and rainy, and sometimes may experience all that in the same day. Multiple day hikes and outings through the wilderness and camping are often part of these trips. Long days with early mornings and late evenings are not uncommon. You will often need to train for those treks. These will be some of the most challenging, but also most rewarding and unforgettable, vacations you will ever take. You may be required to show a doctor's note and supplemental insurance that includes rescue and evacuation.

Level 6. Extreme: Only people in top physical and mental level should join these treks. You likely don't have to be a trained athlete, but you may have to be previously trained or ready to learn skills that require high levels of fitness and motor coordination. If not trained and prepared accordingly, the activity may be considered dangerous. You may have to go through a pre-screening interview, as well as be required to show proof of training and proficiency, a doctor's note, and/or supplemental insurance coverage that includes rescue and evacuation.